So what is helpfulpeeps all about?
Taking Money Out Of The Equation

It's about sharing our time, knowledge and skills with each other for free, which leads to higher quality and more fulfilling interactions.

Helping On Our Own Time

It's about helping each other as and when we can by finding opportunities that match our availability without the need for ongoing time commitments.

Celebrating Kindness

It's about recognising those who are most helpful. Your karma score increases with each person you help. We call it the karma economy!

Getting started on helpfulpeeps

It’s free and with just 1 click you can signup with Facebook or if you prefer to use your email address that is fine too.

1. Ask for help when you want

You can post a request as you would post a status update on Facebook. You can ask for literally anything (as long as it’s legal!)

2. Offer help when you can

Search by location or scroll through posts to see if you can help. You can comment to further clarify details or click ‘offer help’ to make arrangements in private messaging mode.

3. Earn karma for your actions

You earn karma by helping others. You also receive testimonials from the people you’ve helped as a way of showing their gratitude.

Join our helpful community today!

helpfulpeeps is and always will be free