Helpfulpeeps is closing down

We're sad to say we've made the decision to close down Helpfulpeeps.

What started as a simple social experiment back in 2014 took on a life of its own and became a fully fledged tech startup over time, with an awesome community of 250,000 members willing to help others in their local community. However, we were always reliant on external funding and didn’t manage to reach a point of self-sustainability and so have taken the difficult decision to close our doors.

We still believe in the value of building in-person connections with those in our local community and that helping is the best way to do so. Our mission was to build the world’s most helpful network by using technology to enable people to find the help they need from people in their local community.

We may not have achieved that global mission but we walk away knowing that we gave it our absolute best and we feel privileged that we played our small part in the tens of thousands of positive connections that started on Helpfulpeeps.

As we share this news, we wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you.

To all of our members – thank you for joining us and being part of the helpful movement in your local community. For being courageous enough to ask for help and for being generous enough to offer it. Your acts of kindness restored faith in humanity for us all.

To all of our community champions – thank you for spreading the word, delivering leaflets and hosting meetups as volunteers. We could not have grown the community to the extent we did without your enthusiastic support.

To all of our Investors and Non-Exec Directors – thank you for believing in us as first-time founders and for enabling us to pursue our vision. We couldn’t have done it without your backing and we will always be grateful for the opportunity to try something so ambitious.

And finally thanks to all of our teammates: Erik, Ed, Elvira, Matt, Alberto, Endre, Victor and Sonny. You took a chance in joining a very early stage start-up. Though it didn't work out this time, we built a great product, had fun and learnt a tonne in the process. We really enjoyed working with you all and are glad you've moved on to exciting things!

While this is not the outcome we hoped for, we're really proud of the community, team and product that we managed to build. The friends and memories we created will live on.

Saf, Si & Dominic (Co-founders of Helpfulpeeps)