Frequently asked questions

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What is Helpfulpeeps?

Helpfulpeeps is a community of likeminded people who share their time, energy, skills and knowledge to help each other. We have a simple ethos: ask for help when you want and help others when you can.

What are the community values?

  • Community — we believe that each of us has time, talent and creativity, which can be used to add value to each other and the community at large.
  • Sharing — we believe in sharing our human capital (time, energy, skills, knowledge) with each other free of charge.
  • Local connections — in a digital world that is designed to convince people to spend more time online, we want to make it easier for people to connect and help each other in the real world.
  • Karma — we believe in karma and this allows us to help with no expectation of reward safe in the knowledge that someone in the Helpfulpeeps community will do the same for us.
  • Inspire positive change — we believe that even the smallest act of helping another is like a drop of water; it will make ripples through the entire pond.

How does it work?

Anyone in the Helpfulpeeps community can post a request for help. This post will appear on the public feed which is visible to all members and then those who are able and willing can offer a helping hand. Each time you help someone you earn ‘karma’. We call it the karma economy!

Is Helpfulpeeps free to use?


Do I have to use my real name on Helpfulpeeps?

Yes – Helpfulpeeps has a no anonymity policy, so we ask all of our members to use their real names when signing up. We are creating a community based on transparency and openness and we expect all of our members to jump in wholeheartedly.

Does Helpfulpeeps verify member identities?

No – Helpfulpeeps does not currently verify member identities. We encourage members to use Helpfulpeeps with common sense and responsibility.

Are all posts moderated?

Yes – every post is reviewed and approved by one of our moderators.

Can I make offers in a post?

Despite well intentioned members making offers in their posts in the past, history tells us that Helpfulpeeps works better when posts remain a place for requests, with those in a position to help initiating the conversation by commenting or sending a private message.

What is a karma score and why is it important?

Helpfulpeeps is a karma-based economy where your karma increases with each person you help. This is important because your ‘karma score’ acts as your reputation on the network. It is displayed on your profile and other members can quickly get an insight into how much you have contributed to the community.

How can I earn karma?

You earn karma each time you help someone out. This is only achieved at the point of completion i.e. when your offer for help has been accepted and then marked as complete to confirm that the help has been received.

You can also earn karma by inviting like-minded people to join the network and thereby increase the helpfulness of the community.

How can I mark my post as completed?

Once you have received the help you wanted, you can access your post under ‘Activity' and then click ‘Mark complete'. This will remove your post from the feed and triggers allocation of karma to the person(s) who helped you out.

What are testimonials?

When someone helps you out on Helpfulpeeps, you are encouraged to write them a testimonial that appears on their profile. Your testimonial lets everyone see how awesome that person is!

How can I write a great testimonial?

An example of a great testimonial:

“Jennifer fed and watered our house cats, giving them some much needed affection while we were away for the weekend. The cats were happy and we hope Jennifer enjoyed their company too — thank you!”

An example of a not so great review:

“Thanks Jennifer. Appreciate you helping us out”

Where is Helpfulpeeps based?

The Helpfulpeeps Team are based in Bristol, United Kingdom but we are building a global community. We currently have members in 80+ countries around the world.

What is the vision for Helpfulpeeps?

The vision is to build a truly global network with millions of people helping each other everyday.

How can I contact the team?

Feel free to email us anytime at